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For those who know they are the history they keep.


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"A Storied Gifts family history is a gift only you can give. It will be enjoyed for generations." --Janet L. 

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Legacy Book

Custom published family histories. Premier service creation featuring your stories and images captured and curated into a one-of-a-kind book. Bring together the key events and people of your past to share with those who matter most. 

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Company History

If your company has been built over years, weathered good and bad times, and been lead by innovative people then your company has a history worthy of sharing with those who matter most. Let your stories and the people of your company be the glue of future success with a company history book.

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Personalized children's book

A book written for your child featuring a person(s) and events important to your family. Written and crafted with custom design and photos, the book is wrapped into engaging narrative to teach the connections and values of the past to help strengthen the family of today.

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Custom family timeline and story games

We offer the Custom Family Timeline History Game crafted for your family. The cards feature your images and prompting questions/details on one side, with answers and dates on the other. The game provides engaged interaction and learning in large or small groups for family gatherings. Plus, the cards are handy treasured flashcards for anytime.

Because storytelling is such fun, we've created "Tell Me Another," to play with family and friends alike. Game cards consist of a healthy deck of unique story prompts on each which invite players to either tell a story or spin a yarn. In the followup round, everyone gets a chance to call them out as to the truth or fiction of their tale. Tell Me Another takes you back to the days we engaged in more face-to-face conversation!

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Hello there,

The second of our children had flown in 2009, and I was in my mid-40s eager to switch gears in work as well. I wanted to do something meaningful, something that utilized talents and ignited joy. My husband asked, "If there were anything you could do for paid work (note the stress on pay!) what would it be? I said, "Drink coffee and listen to people share their stories." 

With his support and lots of my naivete, I started Storied Gifts and a dozen yearas later there has been lots of listening. I love time spent with people when they share their stories, particularly during interviews as we flesh out the details and feelings too. But the real joy comes when we successfully deliver the finished legacy book. The genuine thrill of the client and family keeps me coming back for the next project. 

Are you short on time, and looking for a pro team to help you create your Legacy Book?

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Stories have to be told or they die, and when they die, we can’t remember who we are or why we’re here.
— Sue Monk Kidd, author