Are your old hard copy photos a mess of memories collecting dust? Are your digital images everywhere just waiting to be lost?

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You’re buried in old photos and albums, mired in files of digital images that you can't find because they are on multiple phones and hard drives. you know there are important photos you'd like to keep, and you'd like ALL your photos in one easy to access place. don't have the time to get them organized.


You know there are photos that are signature--important ones with people and events you'd like to keep and actually enjoy. You want to make decisions and filter them so they can be shared...become photo books, be properly labeled, digitized (and yes printed!) and tagged so you can share them easily.

It's a project you know will take time which you don't have, and you don't have the inspiration to get it done on your own. 


BEFORE AND AFTER Your photos are organized!



  • You’re buried in old photos in crumbling albums and/or boxes.

  • You have digital images everywhere that are one tech-change away from disappearing.

  • You enjoy pulling open your tablet or phone to share photos, but they are hard to find, and you know that if something happens you could lose them all.

  • It's strange but you know that digital isn't the best backup. You need to print the photos you'd like to keep, and you've been meaning to create a photo book or other piece to enjoy your best photos. But you don't have the time.


  • All your important photos are organized, backed up, printed and/or prepared for enjoying in photo books, framed wall art, and other photo displays.  

  • You instantly find the important photos that you want to share and do so easily because of your organized digital archive.

  • The power of sharing and conversation over photos leads to richer and more meaningful connections with others, especially when you talk about shared memories. 

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You know those old family photos--those inherited--and those you've captured represent the stories of your life. you've been meaning to do something to organize them and preserve them. You just need help.

You can see it now: a finished book full of pictures from those you've organized, maybe even wall art or other gifts will be created from your efforts. You just need someone to help you get it done and to save you the time you don't have. 

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"Sherry helped me organize old family photos and listened to many stories. She showed me how to digitize the photos and now I have a great way to share them with family, and an aide to talk about family history. And this is just one of the ways Sherry helps people tell their stories." --Nancy B. 





Storied Gifts offers photo organizing and scanning services at an hourly rate. This permits us to discuss and target your exact needs. Let's dive into old hard copy photos and digitize those you'd like to share. Or maybe you need help bringing all your digital images together and tagging them so they are easy to find. 

$60 hourly

*investment will vary depending on scope of the project.

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Hello there,

The second of our children had flown in 2009, and I was in my mid-40s eager to switch gears in work as well. I wanted to do something meaningful, something that utilized talents and ignited joy. My husband asked, "If there were anything you could do for paid work (note the stress on pay!) what would it be? I said, "Drink coffee and listen to people share their stories." 

With his support and lots of my naivete, I started Storied Gifts and a dozen yearas later there has been lots of listening. I love time spent with people when they share their stories, particularly during interviews. Photos are often a huge part of creating Legacy books, so photo organizing has become a natural extension. Our photos document our family history so helping others organizing them to share and enjoy is a thrill.  

If you are short on time and overwhelmed by your photos? Let us help!



What can you expect when you work with Storied Gifts?

Photo Organizing PROCESS

  • An interview with a Storied Gifts interviewer who will work with you to determine your goals for your photos.

  • We'll arrange to scan your images (if you are in the Des Moines, Iowa area). We can come to you or work with you in our studio space at The Great Frame Up in West Des Moines, Iowa, to scan your photos.

  • We'll work with you to create an archive of your images creating captions and file tags so that your image archive is easily searchable.

  • We'll support and deliver additional services to help you create photo books, wall art or other creative photo presentations that will help you share your photos with those who matter most.

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How long will it take to create my photo archive?

We'll determine how many hours it will take to get you to your goal. The great thing is you can decide how much you want to accomplish and spend because this is an hourly service. 

What will be delivered to me as a result of working with Storied Gifts to organize my photos?

We'll work with you to establish your goals and make the process enjoyable and manageable based on your vision. 

Can you help me create photo books from my image archive?

Absolutely! We'll also discuss other options that you may find useful and affordable. 

Do you outsource any of your work?

We work with professional interviewers, designers and writers who have been a part of our team on multiple projects. We work in tandem to produce a book that not only meets your vision, but also our shared Storied Gifts high standards. 

If I book today, how much do I pay?

This is an hourly service so you'll be billed based on work done.

2 for 1 offer!


Receive 2 hours of photo scanning or 2 digital photo organizing for the price of 1.





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