Enjoy family stories and images narrated by the storyteller.

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You’re buried in old photos and albums, mired in files of digital images and are the keeper of some of the stories of the past that only you know, many of which you know will fade.


Maybe you have a family member who knows the stories, and you'd like to give them a gift that invites them to share their memories with you and others in the family. 

Perhaps you're getting ready for a special family event or there is a milestone coming up where you'd like to honor and celebrate a member of your family.

You're looking for help with gift ideas, and no time. 

Let us help you create a Talking Pictures Slideshow Video!


BEFORE AND AFTER Your Talking Picture Slideshow Video



  • You’re buried in old photos in crumbling albums and/or boxes.

  • You have a family milestone coming up, and are looking to provide a gift that is meaningful.

  • You don’t have the time or the tech know-how to create a family history gift.

  • There is someone in your family you'd like to honor with a special gift that asks them to share stories.


  • You have created a Talking Picture Slideshow video that is filled with an array of important photos and stories told in the voice of the storyteller.

  • Each person in the family has a copy of the slideshow video they can enjoy whenever they'd like. And that voice that is part of it will be particularly treasured.

  • You've taken a step to preserve the stories and images so that others in the family have the information and it can be passed forward.

  • If you've gifted a Talking Picture Slideshow Video, you've honored someone near and dear by asking them to share stories.

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You know that documenting the stories only you and a handful of others know is important. you've got hard-copy pictures that will be lost some day if you don't do something to preserve them. You are overwhelmed and want to do something unique.

You want to give a valuable and meaningful gift that captures stories and pictures. Perhaps you are thinking of a slideshow video but you don't have time or know-how, and you want it to be polished and interesting.

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A Talking Picture Slideshow Video Sample




Storied Gifts offers a complete production package including interview, audio editing and mix, slideshow design and layout into a 5-minute Talking Picture Slideshow Video.


*investment will vary depending on scope of the project.

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Hello there,

The second of our children had flown in 2009, and I was in my mid-40s eager to switch gears in work as well. I wanted to do something meaningful, something that utilized talents and ignited joy. My husband asked, "If there were anything you could do for paid work (note the stress on pay!) what would it be? I said, "Drink coffee and listen to people share their stories." 

With his support and lots of my naivete, I started Storied Gifts and a dozen yearas later there has been lots of listening. I love time spent with people when they share their stories, particularly during interviews as we flesh out the details and feelings too. 

Talking Picture Slideshows provide a piece that not only captures stories but also preserves the voice of the teller. In hearing a person speak we are provided yet another layer of them that is intimate and meaningful.

Are you short on time, and looking for a pro team to help you create your Legacy Book?


What can you expect when you work with Storied Gifts?

Talking pictures slideshow video PROCESS

  • A 90-minute interview with a Storied Gifts interviewer who will capture the stories behind the images of the Talking Picture Slideshow.

  • We'll arrange to receive scans of up to a dozen photos we will use for the Talking Picture Slideshow (in the Des Moines area we can scan and gather these in person. Or if you live further afield, we'll work with you for a digital transfer of photos).

  • We'll create your Talking Picture for your review and provide you one round of editing.

  • We'll deliver your final Talking Picture Slideshow video for you and your family to enjoy.

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How long will it take to create my Talking Pictures Slideshow Video?

We'll work to meet a two week turnaround. 

What will be delivered to me as a result of purchasing a Talking Pictures Slideshow video?

We'll deliver your 5-minute Talking Pictures Slideshow video and the file of the original oral history we gathered to create the video.

Is the video content mine, and can I continue to order copies?

Your video and all the materials that accompany it are yours. Due to our enthusiasm and pride in your completed book we may ask permission to do a bit of web bragging but only with your consent. 

Do you outsource any of your work?

We work with professional interviewers, designers and writers who have been a part of our team on multiple projects. We work in tandem to produce a book that not only meets your vision, but also our shared Storied Gifts high standards. 

If I book today, how much do I pay?

Pay half at the launch of your Talking Pictures Slideshow Video, and then the other half upon completion.

2 for 1 offer!


Receive 2 hours of photo scanning or 2 digital photo organizing for the price of 1.





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