Is your family's history living, teaching and inspiring those who matter most today?

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You’re buried in old photos and albums, mired in files of digital images and are the keeper of some of the stories of the past that only you know, and perhaps a few others remember.


The materials are in various places just waiting to be lost. At a time when people are simplifying and looking to reduce clutter you know a book with details about all the stories and many of the images would be an appreciated keepsake for your family.

You’re overwhelmed with the thought of pulling it all together and the time it will take. You’re unsure if you have the creative and technical know-how to write and design a book that’s engaging. You want to give this once-in-a-lifetime heirloom, but you’ve been stalled. We are your team of story curators ready to make the process easy and fulfilling.





  • You’re buried in old photos in crumbling albums and/or boxes.

  • You have digital images everywhere that are one tech-change away from disappearing.

  • You’ve been asked to write your stories. You’ve been given a limitless set of questions to answer.

  • You don’t have the time or inspiration to get this significant work done on your own.

  • You’re unsure you can write, design and pull it all together so it is engaging.

  • You’d like to simplify your system of sharing photos and memorabilia, but creating something that shares it within one book is a daunting task. 



  • You are your family’s hero. You’ve deployed your story curation team to help you make the process easy and fun.

  • You’ve had all the work done and now your book is ready to share with family and friends. They are amazed and excited.

  • Your family, especially the younger generation, has an heirloom that reminds them they are part of a greater whole of family. There have been joys and sorrows, but they are part of a resilient and interesting family.

  • Connections are deepened because stories teach like nothing else. Your family now has a book they can read again and again. The stories and pictures remind them of the people, events and past that have helped shape the values they live by today.

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You know that documenting the stories only you and a handful of others know is important. You’ve got hard-copy pictures that will be trash someday if you don’t do something about it now. You are overwhelmed and almost feel guilty that you keep putting this important and valuable project off.

You can see it now: a finished book filled with stories and pictures that you’ve had professionally written and designed. There is a celebration. Comments like, “I didn’t know that!” are peppered throughout conversation. Generations are talking to each other and digging deeper for connection. This is what family togetherness is meant to be. You’ve created a legacy gift that has people talking now where generations can talk to each other more than ever.

That is the vision that you’ve not reached because you feel stalled. You want this, and you know there is nothing so important as passing on meaning and values, but you need help—someone who is the expert, will respect your time and make this project pleasing.




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Custom Legacy Book Package

Our complete range of services to bring all the stories and images you'd like preserved into a book that will be a treasure for your family.

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Custom Legacy Photo Book Package

A photo-driven book with snippets of text and captions to pull together the images and provide rich details. Bring photos from boxes, albums and digital archives in one place.


What can you expect when you work with Storied Gifts?

Process Legacy Book

A complete package of a biographical book with the legacy value includes:

  • A series of in-depth and journalistic interviews that will place your thoughts and those of others at the forefront of the stories woven seamlessly together.

  • Extensive research and digitizing of images and memorabilia.

  • Crafted prose that flesh out themes, curate details to produce the engaging chapters of your biographical book.

  • Custom design and expert layout that pull together the words and images. The result is a professional and cohesive personally published book.

  •  Hard-bound color cover with optional color or black-and-white interior. A variety of sizes and finishes available.

Process Photo Legacy Book

A complete family photo book package includes:

  • Detailed collaborative work with you to identify and caption all photos you chose.

  • Snippets of text based on interviews and our discussions with you peppered throughout to add further context to images.

  • Custom design and attention to detail of layout allowing your photos to shine prominently on the pages. 

  • Photos are prominent in this family heirloom book. It is the details, however, which assure each picture tells an important story. Snippets of biographical text along with captions provide the valuable documentation for all those curated images.

  • Stunning color for your hard-cover book with a variety of size options. 

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Investment will vary depending on the scope of the book.

Book now and receive a Custom Timeline Trivia Game (a $500 value) as an additional gift to add to the celebration of your Legacy Book.

the legacy photo book


Investment will vary depending on the scope of the book.

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Telling stories to last

“The book is a profound document-something priceless, especially in this day and age with families living apart. This book will help bind the clan together for generations to come—telling stories, filling in the gaps, and perhaps even helping future generations understand themselves better by understanding where they came from and who they came from. 

I truly recommend that any family with a senior member, that would like to pass on family history to current and future family members use this method of doing so.”


--Neil H.

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Hello there,

The second of our children had flown in 2009, and I was in my mid-40s eager to switch gears in work as well. I wanted to do something meaningful, something that utilized talents and ignited joy. My husband asked, "If there were anything you could do for paid work (note the stress on pay!) what would it be? I said, "Drink coffee and listen to people share their stories." 

With his support and lots of my naivete, I started Storied Gifts and a dozen yearas later there has been lots of listening. I love time spent with people when they share their stories, particularly during interviews as we flesh out the details and feelings too. But the real joy comes when we successfully deliver the finished legacy book. The genuine thrill of the client and family keeps me coming back for the next project. 

Are you short on time, and looking for a pro team to help you create your Legacy Book?

Sherry Borzo, founder Storied Gifts






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The world is shaped by two things—stories told and the memories they leave behind.
— Vera Nazarian
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The Essential 20 Questions You Must Ask For A Great Interview.

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Is working with Storied Gifts right for me?

If preserving and sharing your family history is important to you and you know you won't get it done on your own then working with a us will get you to completion of a Legacy Book.

How much time will it take to complete my legacy book?

The process of gathering information, research, digitizing, writing and design does take time. Storied Gifts works with a team including interviewers, writers and designers so we can devote the resources to getting your project to completion as quickly as possible. Anticipate six months to a year depending on the scope of the project. 

Is the book content mine, and can I continue to order copies?

Your book and all the materials that accompany it are yours. Due to our enthusiasm and pride in your completed book we may ask permission to do a bit of web bragging but only with your consent. The additional bonus of completing your book is that it is so easy to simply order additional copies to share as you wish!

Do you outsource any of your work?

We do work with professional interviewers, designers and writers who have been a part of our team on multiple projects. We work in tandem to produce a book that not only meets your vision, but also our shared Storied Gifts high standards. 

If I book today, how much do I pay?

We will discuss your goal and draft a contract that outlines everything so we can trust we're on the same page. you will receive monthly invoices detailing the work done to that point, and pay as we progress.






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