A Soldier's Journey


Book Clubs and Interested Organizations:

Dan is happy to come and share his stories with our organization. Since this effort is his offering to help preserve and share history he will lend books to book clubs interested in reading Home Again and then he will come and speak for a Q&A as requested. Please contact Sherry of Storied Gifts for more details.


About the Book

Like many a memoir produced by Storied Gifts, Home Again is a grandfather’s gift to his family, a homage to those who came before and a lasting love letter to those he’ll eventually leave behind. Co-author Sherry Borzo helps give voice to Dan’s buoyant spirit which never falters as he recalls both the wonders and hardships of an Iowa farm boy’s humble beginnings; shares details of his strong heritage and early life lessons; and reveals how the twin senses of honor and humor carried an “ordinary” homegrown hero through some extraordinary times. 

In addition to its sweet recollections of childhood and the mischievous antics of his adolescent years, Dan’s memoir also highlights the rarity of a lifetime romance between high school sweethearts and an accomplished career of both military and civilian leadership. For a surprise ending, the book captures a new face of bravery as a soldier in his sunset years unexpectedly loses his spouse to cancer and puts meaning back in his world by taking to the skies again — doing good works for others as a pilot with the nonprofit, Wings of Hope.

Dan starts and ends his book with poignant glimpses of what it was like to spend eight years flying care missions in Guyana, South America before he realized it was time for life to come full circle with a return to the farming life he knew so well in Lone Tree and Hills, Iowa.