Why Delicious Story?

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I’d say that The Delicious Story is a passion project, and yet I bristle at the word “passion” because, in my mind, it diminishes the value of the work behind the project.

And yet, therein lies the quandary of calling effort “work” when it’s done from a spirit of passion rather than pay. It’s the ongoing struggle for a small business person—how do you define work done for purpose (like honing your skills or promoting your values) when pay may or may not be the endgame? Where is the balance between worth and doing something worthy?  

On the spectrum of passions, The Delicious Story measures somewhere in the middle between the collector and hobbyist. Of course, I borrow this analogy from the real and physical collection of artifacts. Those I consider Collectors tend to gather objects of intrinsic value such as coins or wine, while hobbyists accumulate items they like, such as the woman who broke the Guinness record for accumulated umbrella sleeves, detailed in this article over at Mentalfloss.

The Delicious Story is a podcast featuring a collection of interviews with interesting people talking about memorable meals. It’s my effort to take a Studs Terkle approach to gathering stories from people who share details about their work, their passions, and intimate accounts of joyful times around the table with family and friends.  

The interviews provide information and insights via stories to teach listeners about life, provide expert information of a particular subject, and give behind-the-scenes personal perspectives on one of the top glories of living (eating good food). And it is that story that’s really the secret sauce of The Delicious Story. When an interview culminates perfectly, we all vicariously share in a memorable meal moment. We can relate to these stories because we have all had times together eating something we enjoy, in a setting that transcends us, and with the people we love. That is when a meal morphs from the mere intake of fuel to a conduit of enrichment and delight.

In my work as a personal historian I love asking the question, “What is a favorite, memorable meal?” I can see the wheels of fond memories turning for the interviewee. That person reaches back to a place that is often a connection of bounty—enrichment for both body and spirit.


I have always loved this question and the shared experience with the related subject, so much so that, about five years, ago I ventured to the idea of hosting a regular radio show featuring people sharing memorable meals. At that time, there was a local consortium of video-casters that worked out of a venue with equipment. It was funded by local people in Des Moines who created a space for streaming video content makers. They couldn’t keep the gig afloat, but I managed to back up my recordings of those first shows as audio files.

The other notable aspect of that first Delicious Story effort was that I convinced my husband David to cohost the show with me. We had a sort of banter going as we spoke with guests, which may have added an entertaining component to the interviews. And I definitely will say right here that David is a true team trooper having supported many of my passions over the years. What a guy!

In that first manifestation of the show, I focused heavily on guests who were all related to the food industry in some way. There were cookbook authors, restaurateurs, chefs, and even one guest who was a food safety expert. They were all wonderful interviews and largely unheard voices, so I’ll definitely be sharing those recently found audio treasures in upcoming episodes of The Delicious Story.

More than earning my chops in basic podcast production, from that first experience with the show I did realize an epiphany. Since everyone eats, why not interview interesting people from all walks of life?



Storied Gifts began more than a dozen years ago as my personal history business for families and organizations. I had an old, clunky website for many of those years, and wanted to refurbish it but didn’t have the knowhow or the means to get it done. My daughter Alexandra became available and did a rework of it for a song until I finally found my courage to rework it again with new energy and ideas.

All along, I hoped to connect with an audience of people who might be thinking about personal histories and about life writing or storytelling. I wanted to provide helpful posts filled with information meant to inspire the journeys of others and feed my own story, too.

By mid-2018 with the new website up and finally done as I’d dreamed, I decided to commit more time to my messaging, and realized I had ideas and things to share. Now I’m out to find the tribe of others who are looking to enrich their storied lives through story sharing and inspiration. The first goal was starting to blog regularly once a week, which I did manage, but by the end of 2018 I knew it was time to step up the work. 

My 2019 goal was fashioned around a decision to write one blog post a week AND create one podcast of The Delicious Story a week as well. As of April 1, 2019, I have so far met that goal! Finally, my voice seems to have kicked in (thanks to encouragement from Alexandra), and I’m creating the kind of content that not only speaks to people about the reflection and writing of their past, but also about how to realize and enrich the present, too.


So far this year I’ve written 13 posts and produced 13 episodes of The Delicious Story, and I’m excited about creating even more! With calculator in hand, that means to reach my 2019 goal there will be 39 more posts and 39 more episodes to go.

Beyond the goal of collecting the content is to reach out to you with information meant to inspire and enrich your life. My purpose is all about bringing storytelling and tips to live your most storied life right now. I hope to work this journey with you. It is the hope that, through the stories of others sharing (with tasty memories included), you’ll gain the kind of story sustenance to keep forging ahead.

Please stop by and check out posts and podcasts, but even more important comment and tell me what you’d like to hear and read this year!


Sherry is the founder of Storied Gifts a personal publishing service of family and company histories. She and her team help clients curate and craft their stories into books. When not writing or interviewing, Sherry spends loads of time with her grandchildren and lives in Des Moines, Iowa.


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