What's Your New Year's Party Plan?

As we make our way through the last week of 2017, many of us are planning for New Year’s Eve. Going to a big party? Hosting one? Maybe nice little celebration at home with just family and a few friends?

Maybe you’ve looked at some strange New Year’s celebrations from around the world. Or, maybe you’re down for the extravagant Hotel Grand Ballroom experience with multiple bands, massive balloon-drop at midnight, all-you-can-eat food and drink, and your hotel room ready to collapse in. That’s a real ‘let yourself go’ event.

New Year’s Eve celebrations are usually saddled with the tradition of excessive drinking and the lampshade on the head. But it gets old. We personally don’t go to elaborate lengths any more, preferring time at home with family and maybe a bottle of bubbly.

We did have had some noisy celebrations in the past, often celebrating with family a Madrigal Dinner theme, dressing in Renaissance costumes and enjoying a night of delicacies and fine wines. A festive new year. Ah, youth.

Today though, we have no undo feelings of being “left out” of those elaborate parties. It’s even fun watching a little of the seminal Times Square ball drop (which will tick off one additional second this year before it recognizes 2018).

So, while there are many celebratory traditions for New Years, remember it’s also a great opportunity to reflect on the old year, and consider the good times to come. How will you celebrate the new year?