What Are Your Olympic Memories?

Have you been watching the Winter Olympics this year? I’ve caught just a few moments, but it hasn’t held my interest like in days past.  It used to be such an event for me. Are you part of the millions—billions, I guess—of people entranced in the spectacle? Do you have any Olympic memories?

The Winter Olympics in Pyeonchang are on. But for me, the North and South Korean political scene is more interesting than the Olympic events. It’s like Game of Thrones; I hear about the excitement, intrigue and back-stories of the show. Everyone’s talking about it, but it just doesn’t interest me. And what I have watched of the Olympics on TV has been short snippets of competition, held between long segments of advertising. But the Winter Olympics consistently provide big numbers; the average Viewers number 478 million. (Contrast with the Summer Olympics average viewers of two billion. Give me track and field every time.) 

It wasn’t always that way. I still think about the 1976 Winter Olympics, when I was entranced with the figure skating competition…well, entranced with Dorothy Hammill. For me at 15 years old she was the epitome of hotness. I obsessed over her through high school, drawing her picture in art class and sending the drawings to her for her autograph. Sigh. Life really was simpler in those days…


Drawing of Dorothy Hammill by David Borzo, 1977

Drawing of Dorothy Hammill by David Borzo, 1977

So, what Olympic years do you remember? The USA hockey gold in 1980, the “Miracle on Ice?” The 1972 terrorist attacks in Munich? The Jamaican Bobsled Team in 1988? Have you attended the games? Let us know!