The Delicious Story #2, Man About Eating, OIiver Borzo

Pizza from the east.jpg

What does a Mom do to get face-time with her busy, grown son? Interview him for a podcast, of course. Please join me at The Delicious Story as Oliver Borzo and I take a tour of some of the eateries he has encountered as he travels for work across the United States. First we’ll head to Savanah, Georgia for some homestyle cooking (which he certainly never got from me). Then, we’ll sample a Pennsylvania-style “meat-esk” dish called Scrapple, and finish up on the East Coast talking pizzas unique to communities there. Did I mention Oliver is funny? Yep. Plus, Oliver does wax poetic when it comes to food, talks about eating and traveling with a dose of laughs. Is he nice to his Momma? You decide.

Here is a helpful list of links on subjects covered: