The Delicious Story #1, Interview with Sara Middleton Downing In Chile

What choices in life have you made that stretched you beyond your comfort zone? It’s hard to break from routine but when we do doors open to new opportunity. This FIRST episode of The Delicious Story is both an enchanting look at one woman’s adventure, and her reflections on how memorable meals have added flavor to her life.  

I met Sara Middleton Downing after I sent out an invitation on social media asking for guests. Her story will take you to the far corners of South America AND provide rich details of great dining experiences. I’d tell you more, but listen and enjoy her stories firsthand.

At The Delicious Story we focus on the heart and hearth of memorable meals, because we know that though we eat to feed our body, we share food together to enrich our soul. Those details remembered are the seasoning to our story, and remain with us because they matter.

Do you have memories related to food and a story to tell? Please contact me about being a guest on The Delicious Story at    

Thanks for listening. Please return for our shows in December. In the meantime, enjoy meals to remember.

Sara pup in chile.jpg