We're an E-Commerce Store Now. Meet Storied Gifts Shop!

Storied Gifts Shop, Wearable Wisdom & Daily Inspiration

Storied Gifts Shop, Wearable Wisdom & Daily Inspiration

For several reasons it seems like a time to expand, shift and reconfigure my business. My team and I have been creating histories for families and companies for over a decade—doing work we know to be meaningful—helping our clients share their history. And as we keep working to create these projects, I’ve decided to expand the Storied Gifts business to include an e-commerce outlet. Please meet Storied Gifts Shop!

At Storied Gifts the focus has been to help clients identify and craft their past to share and connect with others. I believe in the power of those stories to teach and enrich lives through shared experiences. Lately however, I’ve also felt the pull to draw on inspirations of quotes, phrases and symbols to help others focus in their present as well. A good quote is an infusion for the spirit.

I certainly feel a hunger to be inspired, encouraged and comforted and want to reach out to others who feel the need as well. Harnessed with the belief that we are in part a composite of the thoughts we keep closest in our minds I wanted to create and feature inspiration to help people think good thoughts. The thoughts that churn within drive our emotional health. Thankfully we have a choice on those thoughts!


The tagline for Storied Gifts Shop is “Wearable Wisdom & Daily Inspiration.”  The definition of token as a noun is: A thing serving as a visible or tangible representation of a fact, quality or feeling. Therein lies the goal of the curated objects, clothing and jewelry pulled together in our shop—to bring you things that validate and encourage the inner truth of the authentic and full life you are living right now. Certainly, our lives are comprised of ups and downs but by surrounding ourselves with inspiration we cultivate a selfcare tool that lifts us when things are tough.  


As the new merchant of a store, I will be learning more about the tastes of Storied Gifts Shop customers and how best to serve you with the most inspirational and beautiful items. I look forward to hearing from you and delivering quality pieces featuring quotations, mantras and beautiful design your way.

Our current introductory collection highlights fashionable jewelry, adorable t-shirts for Men, Women and Baby, specially designed bags, and a selection of eye-catching home décor pieces all crafted to provide positivity and charm for you.


Our first featured design includes an adorable elephant raising his trunk to the skies and the phrase “think good thoughts.” We are invested in the concept that we are the thoughts we keep close so pick up the best ones you can for your emotional health.

Of course, we acknowledge the negative thoughts take space in our minds, (We think they are more true don’t we?). However, there is nothing Pollyanna about the strategy of selecting the positive ones from the conveyer belt of thoughts which are often just as true and far more beneficial.

Think good thoughts is not just a mantra to play in your mind but one to send out to others as well. We are deluged with the negative, so we need to hold good thoughts close and play them often.

The added bonus of our think good thoughts design is the elephant. In the Feng Shui tradition, the elephant is a symbol that brings energies of beauty, silent power, kindness and majesty. The elephant is associated with Buddha and the Indian deity Ganesh, and is a symbol used to draw in energy and good luck. So wearing our good thoughts elephant just helps you to manifest good fortune that comes your way from focusing on the good thoughts as well.


Tell Me Another© is featured in our shop as well. This is the collaborative project created by my daughter Alexandra and me in 2018. Tell Me Another is a game comprised of creative and entertaining story prompts sure to insight engaging stories and conversation when you play it with friends and family.  The rules are designed to get stories—both true and false flying—with strategic rules for game enthusiasts. Look for the story of how the Tell Me Another Spanish version is gathering a following in Lima, Peru where Alexandra lives in a future post.


The shop has quietly opened its doors to the public so please swing by and take a look at our collection and offer feedback. We will be adding more inspiring tokens as we build into the future.

I’ve ordered the first pair of yoga pants featuring the “think good thoughts” logo print pattern. I can’t think of many things more comfortable than yoga pants and look forward to working out and stepping out in the positive print.

I also have the Mary Jane shoes headed my way featuring the “think good thoughts” print and look forward to checking them out for both comfort and design. I’ll share video once the pants and shoes arrive.


As we gently phase into 2019, I’m excited to take on this new adventure and share beauty and inspiration with customers as I build a shop that encourages and delights. Please stop by and share your visions of items you’d like to see included as I build out Storied Gifts Shop!

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