It's a blessing to have video memories of so many special moments, but you know there's some room to clean up if you have to fast forward to the few golden minutes of a video, or if you have boxes filled with tapes.

Whether it’s a trip, a wedding, or another special occasion, how do you highlight the best of the content and make it easy to share?

That was the issue we faced when reviewing our video library. We recorded videos of our kids back in the “olden days” of VHS. In the 1990s, we couldn’t afford to own a video camera, so we borrowed or rented one occasionally and captured footage of a birthday or a family visit. 

Remarkably, even though we didn’t record often, we managed to gather an entire box of VHS tapes. We started by converting it all to digital, but that wasn't enough. Once we settled in to watch our video, even though it is OUR family, we realized that the amateur content was largely boring. We’d either have to trap family into watching it, or get it edited.

I learned about Video Done in my work as a photo organizer, so I reached out to see what they could do. Video Done offers three affordable packages of 1, 3 and 5-minute projects, but you can also request a quote for a custom order.

The upload of video was simple and fast. Prompts guided me through the process, which also included selecting music and the ability to upload pictures, too. I provided comments about segments I wanted, and even a title. Video Done returned the video and permitted two rounds of edits with my feedback.

Within a few days, our mish-mash of lengthy video was transformed into a cohesive piece that featured a theme of how we loved those times with our young children. I was then able to share it with family on social media, and conversations were launched. The best value I got out of this was the opportunity to enrich and strengthen bonds by whittling down these treasure troves into truly enjoyable family content. We talked, we laughed, we connected to talk about other memories, and for any parents of children long grown and living lives of their own, that is a treat!

I recommend Video Done to help you turn your video of special events into compelling content and then reach out and hit “send” with it to those you love.

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