How long will it take to create my photo archive?

We'll determine how many hours it will take to get you to your goal. The great thing is you can decide how much you want to accomplish and spend because this is an hourly service. 

What will be delivered to me as a result of working with Storied Gifts to organize my photos?

We'll work with you to establish your goals and make the process enjoyable and manageable based on your vision. 

Can you help me create photo books from my image archive?

Absolutely! We'll also discuss other options that you may find useful and affordable. 

Do you outsource any of your work?

We work with professional interviewers, designers and writers who have been a part of our team on multiple projects. We work in tandem to produce a book that not only meets your vision, but also our shared Storied Gifts high standards. 

If I book today, how much do I pay?

This is an hourly service so you'll be billed based on work done.