It wasn’t all that long ago that printing books was a really big deal. Images and text had to be produced and then sent to a printer, where minimum orders of usually 100 to 500 copies were required. And any glitches in your text were painful to correct, particularlyly for your wallet. Book printing was not for sissies, and didn’t come cheap. That was the state of book production just a decade ago.

Then, the marvel of on-demand printers came to be. Anyone could create and print a book, with the same quality as the books in bookstores and libraries. And you could order only one if you wanted.

At the top of my list of on-demand printers has always been Blurb. I’ve had a wonderful experience working with them since the launch of my business, and though I've used otherse, Blurb continues to be the best.

Blurb has provided:

  • Exceptional quality
  • Responsive customer service
  • Reasonable turnaround
  • Affordable pricing

I’m still floored by how technology has made on-demand possible. I can create a book for a client with their pictures and carefully refined text of stories, and upload the finished piece to Blurb. Within a few weeks, a beautiful, professionally bound book returns that both the client and I are proud to share.

Blurb is always adding amenities and services. Creators can get help with marketing, design and content editing as they’d like, and even produce ebooks. What I most appreciate is that I can work with my own designer to develop the custom content and layout for my client, and upload it. Other on-demand printers I’ve explored often have restrictions of design based on their platform, or on their printing capacity.

Bear with me while I wax poetic about the gift of a customized book. I think the “old technology” of it will remain important to us no matter what newfangled tech comes our way. There's something about reading from the printed page. Whenever a reader takes that book from the shelf, feels the weight of it in their hands, notes the texture of the paper between their fingers and soaks in the vivid images and reads, a spell is cast. Time is suspended, and people of the past come to life. And every reader leaves a bit of themselves behind in that book—their dust, the egg salad they ate while reading, maybe a note. In the case of family histories, the audience is small but mighty. That heirloom book won’t ever get placed on the curb for recycling.

Blurb brings you the magic of old technology made accessible to every person and every project.

Check Blurb out and let yourself create!