I Use FlipPal Mobile Scanner

The use of a scanner has been essential since I launched my business as a personal historian. Over more than a decade in business, I’ve gone through a several scanners because I’m not too gentle on equipment. My scanner is often tossed in a bag with other supplies, and then stuffed in my car for transport to a client’s home.

I’d just lost my third scanner when another personal historian recommended the Flip-Pal® Mobile Scanner. I perused the features briefly, noted the reasonable price, and decided to buy one.

Five years later, I’m happy and impressed to say that I still own and use that same Flip-Pal, and would gladly recommend it to anyone who needs a portable, durable and easy-to-use scanner. If it's survived my use, it's clearly a VERY well-built product.

The Flip-Pal travels well

I’ve learned that not all scanners are portable. Now, during my usual travel jostle, my Flip-Pal has kept its own and continues to perform, producing high-quality scans. Plus, it’s battery operated, so I don’t have to lug along my computer or other cords.

Simple to use for instant results

I use lots of equipment in my work, and I don’t like to spend too much time learning to operate something new. My Flip-Pal came with easy instructions and all the things I needed to start scanning right away. After a few minutes of setup, all I’ve had to learn is to push a button and produce scans. This even makes me feel clever (not to mention more confident with my clients), which is an added perk.

Scan big and small, upside down and all around with one tool

It pains me to see an old, dismembered photo album. There is history embued in the layout of those pictures, which were doubtless taken over time and glued carefully into place. The chronology of events is gone once photos are pulled from their original album, which is especially sad when photos HAVE to be pulled in order to be salvaged. With the Flip-Pal scanner, the lid pops off, and the scanner can be turned over so that pictures are captured in place! And while the scanner's inverted, I can easily nudge over and scan larger pictures in sections that can then be made whole again with the EasyStitch software that comes free with my Flip-Pal. (Tip: take scans or pictures of entire pages of old photo albums before ever removing originals!)

I recommend the Flip-Pal scanner because of my years of positive experience using it. Whether you’re researching your family history or digitizing important documents, Flip-Pal is a well-designed, easy-to-use and sturdy little companion to help you along. Choose the perfect Flip-Pal for you!

P.S. I recommend this tool because I use it. Total transparency here. My links are for affiliate sales.

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