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Sherry is a burgeoning writer and creative thinker. A graduate of Drake University in the creative arts, she creates imaginative and engaging pieces on local business personalities, as well as outlining their life in the local community. Sherry has crafted her skills in layout and newsletter format while providing excellent coverage of small business in central Iowa. Epiphanies of collaboration and thinking outside of the box are her guiding force. Sherry is an optimistic cheerleader for the efforts of others who courageously make small business tick here in Des Moines.

David is master of pen and paper with illustration work, crafting beautiful portraits, logos, personalized images and site-specific cartoons. With numerous awards in drawing and photography, David's work has been printed in publications such as Modern Railroads Magazine, LIFE Magazine, The Des Moines Register, and numerous newsletters and trade journals. His 30 years of experience with drawing for clients gives him a professional attitude and a great deal of real life skill in the visual arts.


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