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Melissa S.

Great post! I am finding myself in the same situation with Ben moving back home to finish the last two years of college and save some money. Jake will commute from home when he starts college next year. I am embracing the togetherness.. the time will fly!

Sherry Borzo

Thanks Melissa and you're right it does go fast. Do you remember older people saying times goes fast and thinking they're crazy? So does time really go faster or as we think about all the time past in hindsight the memory flashes so fast by us it all seems to have gone speeding along?

My bliss bubble was a little pricked later today when I spaced almost making one daughter late for an appointment and the other 3 minutes late for work. I'm transport but forget things when I'm distracted with work.

Note to self: Refer to the "calendar of control" before I do ANYTHING in my day.

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  • Sherry is a professional, and I always felt comfortable with her. A Storied Gifts family history is a gift that only YOU can give. It will be enjoyed and cherished.

    Janet Laughead